Cocky Quotes by Nicki Minaj

When I fly you know G5 is the jet. I'm the motherfuckin' Queen... 'lizabeth.- Nicki Minaj
I got a pool that I never even swam in. Airports that you bitches never land in.- Nicki Minaj
Anyway lil' nigga don't test the kid. Even Maury Povich couldn't test the kid. Even R. Kelly couldn't touch the kid. And even with all your bars you couldn't text the kid.- Nicki Minaj
Muhfuckas know I'm the shit legit and if a muhfucka don't he can suck my dick.- Nicki Minaj
I'm like really famous. I got a famous anus.- Nicki Minaj
Bitches this pretty, that's seldom. This box better than the box he was held in.- Nicki Minaj
You don’t need a feature? Nigga, I’m the feature. You gon be the priest, and Imma be the preacher. You can be the he-man, Imma be the she-ra. You can be the Grim, Imma be the Reaper.- Nicki Minaj
Bottle, sip, bottle, guzzle. I'm a bad bitch, no muzzle.- Nicki Minaj
Sexy, sexy, that's all I do. If you need a bad bitch let me call a few.- Nicki Minaj
Oh, did I stutter? Harajuku hyphen Barbie, I'm hot I think it's time to put the rice in.- Nicki Minaj