Quote by Nicki Minaj

You know, it’s a ladder. You wanna climb the ladder to success & some people don’t appreciate the first 2 or 3 steps, they just wanna get to the top. & I always said I didn’t wanna rush an album, I didn’t wanna rush anything. I was always like ‘When I do it imma do it right. When I do it Imma do it big.’ & a part of that is that grind – is the blood sweat & tears even though it doesn’t feel to good at the moment I know that one day I’m gonna look back & say it’s all worth it because it’s nothing better than staying grounded & appreciating what you have. Cause even though I’m not a multiplatinum artist I know I’m still better off than a lot of girls that have been trying to do it for so many years & they haven’t gotten their foot in the door so I’m their voice. They probably hate me but I got love for them.- Nicki Minaj

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