No Flex Zone Remix Lyrics

Hell no u can’t use my lip gloss
Pop a perc now I’m on lift off
Ass still fat it’s on Rick Ross
You bitches make a nigga dick soft
Bitch ball like I’m at tip off
Get it wet then I rub the tip on
Rag & bone jeans I can slip off
Bitch I been hot since flip phones

Runnin this game for 5 years, guess that’s why my feet hurt
Wonder when they bite me, do these bitches teeth hurt
Yes I am an icon, that’s me on yo t-shirt
Thought you knew better, do yo fuckin research

You ain’t know this the “No Rip Zone”?
This the “You Can’t Beat Nick Zone”
Madison Square when the Knicks home
I live next door to Brad Pitt’s home

I like bad bitches cuz they like bad bitches too
I like hood niggas wit a bad attitude
They could never reach young Nick magnitude
Even if they had the longitude, latitude
Listen up hoe this my territory
You are my son like a episode of Maury
Like a episode of ER, bitch I’m hotter than the D.R.
When it come to rap skills, nobody waaannnt see her

Mufuckas flexin, mufuckas actin
Bitches is my sons and they causin contractions
Ain’t pushin out, Ima gih dem to di clinic
Cuh wait, we no rate dem gyal and dem gimmick

Wack sauce I could heart it in ya tone
Dis nigga keep starin in my phone
But if you ugly, it’s a no text zone, it’s a no sex zone, it’s a no flex zone!